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The November Mentoring Calendar is now available


The Slump!

It is time for that annual slump! While it had always been my practice to share Michael Fullan’s Implementation Dip with mentors when we studied the life cycle of new teachers, I did not mention it to novice teachers. Several years ago, while working with a group of new teachers throughout the school year I had the opportunity to meet with them in early November. Many in this group of about 50 new teachers were looking and acting pretty despondent. On impulse, I decided to share the Implementation Dip with them. Wow! It was a moment I will never forget. One young teacher sitting center front in the room threw her pen into the air and proclaimed in a voice loud enough for all to hear, “I’m in the Slump and I’m Normal!”  Ever since that day, I have encouraged all mentors with whom I have worked to share Fullan’s Implementation Dip and that teacher’s proclamation with every new teacher they are working to support. To that end, I have also written two issues of the Mentoring in the 21st Century e-newsletter  about the causes and signals associated with “The Slump” as well as some suggestions about how to minimize its length and depth. Since it is a normal condition, we cannot eliminate it, but we can for sure mediate it! 


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The Just ASK November Mentoring Checklist

Each issue of The Mentoring Memo features a mentoring checklist for the current time of the year. The November calendar is now available. These calendars, excerpted and updated from The 21st Century Mentor’s Handbook, offer suggestions for mentoring actions to support novice teachers and teachers new to the district. When you take a look at them, you will quickly see how useful they are. Be sure to forward them to your mentoring colleagues. Post them or a link to them on your district/school website.




California Here We Come!

Just ASK is proud to be the Platinum sponsor of the 2018 California Induction Conference December 4-5 in Fresno, California. Learn more about the conference and register at www.californiainductionconference.com. Julie McVicker and Paula Rutherford look forward to seeing our California induction leader and induction coach/mentor friends there and to discussing how we can support the amazing work being done by these world-class induction leaders. Thanks for inviting us!   


Update on Shipment of Professional Development Resources to Puerto Rico

Thanks to Diane Carlo, Supervisor Title I Professional Development, Hillsborough Public Schools, Florida; Julie Barker, Teacher Center Director, Pittsford Central School District, New York; and Judy Berlin, former Principal of Prince of Peace Elementary School, Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; for joining us in sending professional development resources to our colleagues in Puerto Rico. In early November, Just ASK is shipping over 150 books plus Dee’s complete professional library, an array of resources from Julie, and a mentoring kit from Judy. It is not too late for you to join us! Send an email PuertoRico@justaskpublications.com we’ll get your contributions into the shipment. 

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