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The January launch of EmpowerED 3.2.1 was a phenomenal success! Marcia Baldanza is now  writing shorter more frequent commentaries rather than a monthly e-newsletter like her previous publication Professional Practices for the 21st Century Leader.
Each EmpowerED 3.2.1 features 3 Big Ideas2 Quotes, and 1 Question with lots of links to resources from different perspectives such as business and industry, medicine, athletics, economics, recreation, and parenting as well as music and the arts. The goal of Marcia’s brief commentaries is to advance our thinking about how that wide array of information connects and supports our work as educational leaders.

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Image may contain: possible text that says 'Just for the ASKing! Bruce Oliver We Are The Champions! Read How a Productive Classroom is Like the World Series ASHINGTON W NATIONALS'Talk about champions!

Bruce Oliver’s January 2020 issue of Just for the ASKing! is the first in the 17th year of Bruce’s authorship of that newsletter. That means he has penned over 160 issues! Congratulations are definitely in order! Feel free to send him a quick note of congratulations on a job well done at bruce_oliver@justaskpublications.com or at least take a look  at the Just for the ASKing! Library.


Both the January and February issues of Making the Standards Come Alive! focus on classroom meetings. Heather Clayton writes with a strong voice about how we can (and should) integrate the development of our students as well-grounded, intellectually curious, and compassionate people into their school experiences every minute of the day. Do check out “Classroom Meetings,” “Classroom Community Building Circles,” and also revisit “Let’s Hear It for Civility!” and “Let’s Hear it for Empathy!


The January Mentoring Memo includes both the January and February Mentoring Calendars. Do not miss the Tools of the Month based on words of wisdom from mentors at the California Induction Conference and the introduction to our 2020 focus on supporting new teachers on their journey to The 3 Es: Equity, Engagement, and Empowerment.



Just ASK uses a common language and concept system to provide a systemic approach to teaching, learning, and leading in the 21st century. Thousands of educators across the country are using our publications and products, attending our institutes, and participating in our onsite workshops. Their application of their learning has led to more students learning more, more of the time!