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Making the Standards Come Alive!
The most recent issue of Making the Standard’s Come Alive! titled “Becoming More Mindful” is now available. Be sure to read the whys and hows of becoming more mindful that Heather explains in this issue.

 Just for the ASKing!
The most recent issue of Just for the ASKing! (JFTA!) titled “Optimizing Classroom Observations,” is now available. A new feature for 2019 is the monthly JFTA! READLIST.


Mentoring Memo
The February Mentoring Memo which features the February mentoring calendar, tools, and more is now available!  

Professional Practices for the 21st Century Leader
The latest issue of Professional Practices titled “The Best of 2018” is now available. In this issue Marcia provides insight into some of the ideas that most inspired her work during the past year. She writes about the best leadership books from the business world, ways to promote parental engagement, the power of Project-Based Learning (PBL), and humorous leadership lessons from George, her family’s beagle puppy. Don’t miss it! 

Online Tools and Templates
Don’t miss all our absolutely free online tools and templates designed to support your use of seven of our best selling books!



Just ASK uses a common language and concept system to provide a systemic approach to teaching, learning, and leading in the 21st century. Thousands of educators across the country are using our publications and products, attending our institutes, and participating in our onsite workshops. Their application of their learning has led to more students learning more, more of the time!