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Just for the ASKing!
The summer issue of Just for the ASKing! features some of the quotes and comments Bruce found across the Internet and social media platforms that celebrates what teachers do all across the year.

Professional Practices for the 21st Century Leader
The most recent issue titled “Teachers as Leaders” is now available. 

Summer Mentoring Memo
The Summer Mentoring Memo features summer reading recommendations; included are recent articles and books from Harvard Press and ASCD as well as some home-grown Just ASK prize winners. It also has links to current fiction best-seller lists; you certainly deserve to treat yourself to a couple of good novels this summer. Happy reading! 

Making the Standards Come Alive!
The most recent issue of Making the Standard’s Come Alive!titled “Mindfulness for Students” is now available. 

Get Started!

Equipping our students with the tools necessary to pause and recognize their thoughts, feelings, and environment is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. Mindfulness practices will empower their minds and transform their inner lives, positioning them to be their best.

Mindfulness practices can begin with just one or two minutes a day. The sooner you begin; the sooner mindfulness will become an integral part of your classroom routine.

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Online Tools and Templates
Don’t miss all our absolutely free online tools and templates designed to support your use of seven of our best selling books!



Just ASK uses a common language and concept system to provide a systemic approach to teaching, learning, and leading in the 21st century. Thousands of educators across the country are using our publications and products, attending our institutes, and participating in our onsite workshops. Their application of their learning has led to more students learning more, more of the time!