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The Third Edition of
Why Didn’t I Learn This in College?
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While new teachers may say they need classroom management skills, what they really need to know is how to design rigorous and appropriately scaffolded lessons and how to create learning-centered classrooms where high-level engagement and learning can occur. We must help new teachers learn that the end they should have in mind for their students is not that  they are well-managed, but that they are well-educated. Click here to learn more.



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The Writer’s Notebook

The newest issue of Making the Standards Come Alive! is titled “The Writer’s Notebook: A High Leverage Practice for Uncertain Times.” In it Heather writes, “One tool where access is never an issue and the likelihood of engagement is high is the Writer’s Notebook. A writer’s notebook is like a tide pool, teeming with life, and full of unexpected treasures. It is NOT a diary where the writer retells events from his/her life, nor is it a reading journal where the writer would summarize or react to texts he/she has read. It is where students capture observations, reactions, ideas, questions, memories, quotes, sketches, lists, or snippets of language. It is a place to experiment, collect, and hold on to thinking.” She provides a crystal clear rationale, descriptions, and suggested guidelines for using this tool as a component of both face-to-face and distance learning. These notebooks are clearly appropriate for all learners and teachers.  


Maximizing Distance Learning

The June 26th issue of EmpowerED 3.2.1 titled Maximizing Distance Learningis now available. Marcia writes, “I believe that these three Hattie themes are true whether we are teaching in a face-to-face or distant learning environment.  Wherever we find ourselves in the fall, keep these themes in mind. I know I will certainly do so in my graduate classes!”

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Ten Tips for Enhancing Distance Learning 

The June 2020 Mentoring Memo is now available! In it Paula writes, “Right now the struggles and successes of distance learning are never far from my mind and heart. As a teacher, parent, and grandmother of four college-age grandchildren, all of whom finished their collegiate school years off campus with online learning, I have no trouble visualizing the trials and tribulations of all parties. To that end, I share this month ten tips for enhancing distance learning.” Don’t miss it!

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The latest issue of Just for the Asking! titled “Messages from the Children” is now available. In this issue Bruce writes, “across the Internet, and more specifically, throughout social media, there are numerous posts about the impact on students related to the “new normal.” Right now we have no idea when distance learning will end and schools will be back in our buildings. Hearing from students can help educators make wise decisions about how to best meet the needs of our children. Let’s begin with some direct quotes from our young people that represent the different perspectives they embody.”




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