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Special Announcement about Just ASK’s Mentoring Outreach!

It is official! School is now open for all of us in the USA except for some of our colleagues in Puerto Rico. Let’s all be mindful as to how we can support our colleagues there.

For our part, Just ASK has several dozen books that have been returned from distributors with slight nicks or tears and no longer meet our standards for sale. We want to get them into the hands of educators in Puerto Rico who lost all their professional development resources. If you have contacts in Puerto Rico, please have them contact us at PuertoRico@justaskpublications.com with information about the schools in need. We will take it from there.

What else can you do? Do you have any professional learning resources that are surplus or that you are no longer using, but would be valuable for use by others?  If so, let us know. As part of this mentoring outreach, we are committing an additional $1,000.00 toward shipping the professional learning materials you are willing to share and that we agree would benefit our Puerto Rican colleagues. Once again, contact us at PuertoRico@justaskpublications.com so we can make this happen.

Together we can make a difference!

Just for the ASKing!
The latest issue of Just for the ASKing! titled “What Do We Want from Our Students? What Do Our Students Want from Us?“is now available. In this issue Bruce once again provides provocative points to ponder as we begin a new school year.

Professional Practices for the 21st Century Leader
The latest issue of Professional Practices titled “Marcia’s Musings on Leadership” is now available. In it, Marcia celebrates under-the-radar leaders who are making a difference in the lives of others, provides a simple yet powerful strategy for values clarification, and shares ways to ensure your actions are aligned with your values.  Additionally, she recommends awesome professional resources as she looks at leadership through a variety of lens.

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Just ASK uses a common language and concept system to provide a systemic approach to teaching, learning, and leading in the 21st century. Thousands of educators across the country are using our publications and products, attending our institutes, and participating in our onsite workshops. Their application of their learning has led to more students learning more, more of the time!