The Third Edition of
Why Didn’t I Learn This in College?
is now available!


While new teachers may say they need classroom management skills, what they really need to know is how to design rigorous and appropriately scaffolded lessons and how to create learning-centered classrooms where high-level engagement and learning can occur. We must help new teachers  learn that the end they should have in mind for  their students is not that  they are well-managed, but that they are well-educated. Click here to learn more.


ISBN: 978-0-9986994-9-3
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In the News

The April Mentoring Memo and the Spring 2020 Special Edition Mentoring Calendar are now available!


The most recent issue titled “Quips and Quotes” is now available. Take a few minutes and enjoy some artifacts from Bruce’s archive; after that, check out the extensive library of Just for the ASKing! issues.


The May 15th issue of EmpowerED 3.2.1 titled Thriving or Survivingis now available. Each issue features 3 Big Ideas2 Quotes, and 1 Question with lots of links to resources from different perspectives such as business and industry, medicine, athletics, economics, recreation, and parenting as well as music and the arts. The goal of Marcia’s brief commentaries is to advance our thinking about how that wide array of information connects and supports our work as educational leaders. 

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The most recent issues of Making the Standards Come Alive! focus on classroom meetings. Heather Clayton writes with a strong voice about how we can (and should) integrate the development of our students as well-grounded, intellectually curious, and compassionate people into their school experiences every minute of the day. Do check out “Classroom Meetings,” “Classroom Community Building Circles,” and also revisit “Let’s Hear It for Civility!” and “Let’s Hear it for Empathy!




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