Distance Learning Collection

The Just ASK Team has written new articles and updated some older ones as 2.0 versions to support our many colleagues who are tasked  during the 2020-2021 school year with creating positive and productive learning experiences from a distance and/or in hybrid environments that are ever evolving. We will continue to add to this collection and hope that you find it useful in your challenging work. Please feel free to share with colleagues near and far, and do be sure to check back often to access newly posted articles.

Distance Learning Collection
Table of Contents

NEW!  We Must Accelerate Rather Than Remediate In All Settings –
Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person (Marcia Baldanza)

Ten Tips for Enhancing Distance Learning (Paula Rutherford)
Lessons We’ve Learned (Marcia Baldanza)
Parents as Partners 2.0 (Bruce Oliver)
Maximizing Distance Learning (Marcia Baldanza)
The Writer’s Notebook – A High Leverage Practice for Uncertain Times (Heather Clayton)
Messages from the Children (Bruce Oliver)
Empathy in the Time of Coronavirus (Marcia Baldanza)
Tips for Promoting Student Engagement During Online Sessions
(Heather Clayton)
What Do We Do Now?  (The Just ASK Team)
Tips for Recording and Using Instructional Videos (Heather Clayton)
Stop… in the Name of Learning 2.0 – 18 Practices to Rethink
(Bruce Oliver)
Tools for Leading High Functioning Teams (Marcia Baldanza)
Mentoring From Near and Afar (Paula Rutherford) 

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