Active Learning and Engagement Strategies Reviews

We have been providing professional development with strategies to engage learners.  Active Learning and Engagement Strategies combines many different strategies together in one resource that is ready for use and acts as a way to mentally remind ourselves of strategies we may have forgotten.  It is an excellent resource!

I gave a copy of Active Learning and Engagement Strategies to the teachers to preview and they all wanted their own copy. It was a very worthwhile investment!

Elementary Principal
Lexington, South Carolina

Although geared toward K-12 education, this book will be valuable for modeling the types of strategies my teacher candidates should be using in the classroom. Thank you. I look forward to reviewing the enclosed catalogue for more resources.

Director of Teacher Education
Hussan University
Bangor, Maine

 This is one of the best compilations of active learning and engagement strategies I have seen recently. I really like having this wealth of information in one identifiable resource.

 North Carolina Coordinator New Teacher Induction

Paula’s books are always student focused and teacher friendly. All educators would benefit from owning this book.  

Virginia Coordinator Professional Development

Once again, Paula hits a homerun for folks looking for a resource for teachers to thoughtfully engage.

New York High School Principal

I love pages 7-10 that organize the strategies around how they may be used. That is very helpful. It is also helpful that the strategies are listed alphabetically which makes it easy to find them in the book. Thanks for the complimentary copy!

Virginia Professional Development Specialist  

I like the organization of this book. The way you have given clear categorization of the  strategies according to their purpose really facilitates and encourages use of this resource. It looks great- can’t wait to use it!        

International school, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

As always, this Just ASK publication is easy to use. To have an assortment of strategies available in one place could be of great help to new teachers.

Virginia Director of  Professional Development