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This e-newsletter is copyright free and we encourage you to reproduce it to share with novice teachers and mentoring colleagues as you wish. Just ASK consultants frequently use them in onsite workshops and institutes. This e-newsletter is no longer published so only archived issues are available.

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Mentoring Words of Wisdom Video Clip
Clarifying the Roles of Principals and Coaches

Mentoring Words of Wisdom Video Clip

Interviews with Coaches and Novice Teachers

Mentors Opening of School Checklist

The Mentor’s Opening of School Checklist


This checklist is based on the collective wisdom of hundreds of mentors across the country. It continues to be one of Just ASK’s most popular mentoring resources. It is organized around the seven areas of challenge and concerns new teachers face. Those categories are: Personal; Professional; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Organizational Systems; Students, Colleagues; School and School System Policies and Procedures; and Parents.