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Some of you work in districts where schools are already open for the 2019-2020 school year and some of you work in districts that do not open until after Labor Day! Many of the “after Labor Day” contingent are in the middle of a glorious vacation week, while the “we open the first part of August crowd” gets to have glorious vacation days in June while those with later closings are struggling to avoid the distraction of pools that opened over Memorial Day weekend and trees calling out for young fort builders. Here’s hoping that those of you in already opened schools are not sweltering from the unusually high temperatures we are experiencing this year. In any case, there are both new teachers and hopefully eager to learn students that are, or soon will be, anxious for us to weave out magic.

Because school opening dates vary so much, it is tricky to know when to send you The Mentor’s Opening of School Checklist and other resources that can assist you in getting your mentoring and induction programs off to a strong start. The middle of August appears to be the best compromise date so they are headed your way in the August 2019 Mentoring Memo.

This checklist is organized around seven categories of challenges and concerns new teacher face. The categories are:

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Organizational Systems
School and System Policies and Procedures
Parents and Communities
Especially for Special Educators



Tools You Can Use

I will close with a statement that is the mantra of the Just ASK team:

The best management program is a

strong instructional program!

Please encourage your protégées to adopt that belief and spend their time and energy on the “right stuff.”




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