Just ASK will be at ASCD

Just ASK is going to ASCD! We hope to see you in Boston!

Brenda, Julie, and Paula will be there ready and willing to chat with you about our current work together or what the future might bring. Stop by our Exhibit Hall of Fame home; we are right on the main aisle so you can’t miss us!

New at ASCD 2018!

Induction Requirements

Bring your well-worn copy of Instruction for All Students or Leading the Learning, to the Just ASK booth, be photographed with it, and receive a complimentary copy of Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners or Creating a Culture for Learning. You’d better hurry in because there are thousands of copies of those books in the libraries of Massachusetts and New York educators alone!  Don’t forget those books!


Bring in (and be photographed with) a first edition copy of Why Didn’t I Learn This in College? or Instruction for All Students and receive a signed copy of the second edition of that book! You never know… this set might one of these days be quite valuable on Antique Road Show, or at least, on ebay!


Tell one of us three actions you took or strategies you used as a result of participating in a Just ASK workshop. If your instructor is in the booth, you’ll be photographed with her. We might even make a short video and turn it into a Ted-ed Talk and feature it on Just ASK’s YouTube channel!

Hall of Fame inductees will be featured on
The Just ASK website and/or The Just ASK Facebook page!