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The Just ASK 2014 Opening of School Checklist

Download The Just ASK 2014 Opening of School Checklist


Bruce Oliver

Bruce facilitating a Leading the Learning® workshop

Stephanie Hirsh, the executive director of Learning Forward recently wrote in an Education Week blog posting, about a set of working agreements for her organization that describe “how we want to be treated and how we are expected to treat each other” in order to maintain a positive working culture. The Learning Forward staff agreements are summarized below:

  • Keep your promises.
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes and fix your breakdowns.
  • Speak to people rather than about them.
  • Invest in the success of the organization.
  • Trust the competency of your colleagues.
  • Use laughter and humor to defuse stress.
  • Celebrate contributions; demonstrate appreciation.
  • Be open to other points of view.

Further, Stephanie posed the following questions:

  • Which ones might be used to start a conversation within your teams and schools?
  • How would life be different this year if everyone agreed to play by a more powerful set of rules?
  • How might a transformed working culture advance other goals in your context?

Access the entire blog posting here.

As schools plan for the opening of the 2014-2015 school year, Learning Forward’s agreements provide insights that have the potential to lead to a great beginning and an even more auspicious ending to the school year.

Download The Just ASK 2014 Opening of School Checklist. The list has been updated and includes several new items for your consideration. Additionally, be sure to visit the online Just ASK Resource Center for hundreds of copyright-free resources you can use throughout the upcoming school year. When you find something useful, share the resources on social media using these links.





May the upcoming year be your best year ever!!

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