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August 2019
Volume XVI Issue VII

by Bruce Oliver




The 2019 Just ASK Opening of School Checklist
is Now Available!


Bruce Oliver

Bruce Oliver, the author of Just for the ASKing!, lives in Burke, Virginia. He uses the knowledge, skills, and experience he acquired as a teacher, professional developer, mentor, and middle school principal as he works with school districts across the nation. He has written more than 150 issues of Just for the ASKing!  He is also a co-author of Creating a Culture for Learning published by Just ASK.

The 2019 Just ASK Opening of School Checklist is the 15th annual edition of this highly regarded tool. We know that it is much sought after because of the phone calls and emails to the office asking when the newest edition will be available and because our website data from Google Analytics reveals that more than 3,500 people viewed this checklist during the 2018-2019 school year. You should join the crowd by accessing this copyright-free resource.

The 2019 edition includes 140 entries; over 30 of those entries are new and/or updated tasks and suggestions for your consideration. Since no one person can accomplish all these tasks, we provide columns for you to use in noting the person responsible and the deadline for each task.

The tasks are organized into areas of focus titled:

  • Focus on Teaching Staff (43)
  • Focus on Students (36)
  • Focus on Parents (23)
  • Focus on Community (7)
  • Focus on Facilities (21)
  • Miscellaneous (10)

You don’t want to miss this! Take a look for yourself and then forward it to colleagues you think might find it useful.

Have a great opening!



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