Summer 2019
Volume XVI Issue VI


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Points to Ponder

We Should Appreciate Teachers 24/7


Bruce Oliver

Bruce Oliver, the author of Just for the ASKing!, lives in Burke, Virginia. He uses the knowledge, skills, and experience he acquired as a teacher, professional developer, mentor, and middle school principal as he works with school districts across the nation. Bruce has written more than 150 issues of Just for the ASKing!  He is the author of Points to Ponder and co-author of Creating a Culture for Learning: Your Guide to PLCs and More.

During Teacher Appreciation Week last May I decided to investigate what was being written about the extraordinary responsibilities and contributions of teachers. This issue of Just for the ASKing! features some of the quotes and comments I found across the Internet and as posts on social media platforms. There is no doubt that you will find several that you can use for various purposes throughout the school year. Enjoy!


“Being respectful to children, empathizing with them, listening when they speak, and showing them kindness is not coddling, spoiling or treating them like special snow flakes. It’s just treating children like human beings.”


“If you’re creative like Steve Jobs, caring like Mother Teresa, persistent like Thomas Edison, clever like McGyver, and a showman like P.T. Barnum… you might be a teacher.”


“Teaching: (requires) the sort of skills one would need to pilot a bus full of live chickens backwards, with no brakes, down a rocky road through the Andes while providing colorful and informative commentary on the scenery.”


“Great teachers empathize with kids, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.”


“Every child has a different learning style and pace.  Each child is unique, not only capable of learning, but also capable of succeeding.”


“Be the teacher that kids don’t want to leave at the end of the year.”


Being a new teacher is like trying to fly a plane while building it.”


“She believed she could change the world so she became a teacher.”


“We’re thankful for teachers who show up every day to educate their students. They deserve to have their jobs end there: without lockdown drills, without guns in the classroom and without the responsibility of keeping students safe from violence.”


“We believe teachers are superheroes, not super human.”


“How many standardized tests does it take to teach a child?  None: That’s what teachers do.”


“You laugh, you cry, and you work harder than you ever thought you would. Some days you’re trying to change the world and some days you’re just hoping to make it through the day. Your wallet is empty, your heart is full, and your mind is packed with memories of kids who have changed your life. Just another day in the classroom.”


“Teaching: The only profession where you act as your client’s therapist, nurse, instructor, neurosurgeon, housekeeper, interior decorator and cheerleader.  All before 9:45 a.m.


“Teachers do not fear change. Teachers fear not being supported when asked to change. That’s a big difference.”


“Many educators can make a great lesson plan. The true talent of an educator is the ability to adjust it to the needs of students when it is actually taught live.”


 “Every kid needs a fresh start every day. Time spent holding onto what happened yesterday means less time moving forward today. And give yourself a fresh start, too.  If you’re carrying yesterday’s guilt, you’ll have less energy to solve today’s problems.”


“If a child is more than a test score, so is the teacher of that child.”


“That moment when a learner gets it… that feeling when you see it in her face… when you see it all click. It is pure magic. There is nothing like it in the world.”


“Teachers who put relationships first don’t just have students for one year. They have students who view them as their teacher for life.”


“I am a teacher. I think of my past and present students as ‘my kids.’ I am a teacher. I am not in it for the income. I am in it for the outcome. I am a teacher – it’s who I am. It’s my passion, my calling, and my world.”


“It shouldn’t matter how slowly a child learns as long as we are encouraging them not to stop.”


“83% of people say they had a teacher who helped boost their self-esteem and confidence.”


“Every day there are stories that would make you smile, break your hearts, and inspire you. Stories that teachers live, every single day. Not just because it’s a job to do, but because it’s their lifelong passion to help children.”


“I may not earn a six-figure salary, drive a fancy car, or own many designer clothes, but today the quiet kid in my class opened up for the first time, and that, to me, is real success.”


“Teacher – the only job that makes you consider all future names for your children.”


“Sometimes it only takes a single teacher to turn a  child’s life around. Some children will come to school today because of that teacher. Be that teacher every day.”


“Teaching is that rare profession that can bring you extreme satisfaction, abject despair, and utter exhaustion… often from the SAME STUDENT all in the SAME DAY.”


 “When you enter this classroom… you are special, you are leaders, you are dreamers, you are creative, you are thinkers, you are respected, you are a friend, you are loved.  You are the reason I am here.”


“Students who are loved at home come to school to learn. And students who aren’t come to school to be loved.”


“A child is like a butterfly in the wind. Some can fly higher than others, but each flies the best it can. Why compare one against the other? Each one is different. Each one is special. Each one is beautiful.”


“I know you go to work for the students… but never underestimate the impact you have on your colleagues.  Your attitude and your energy can inspire the adults around you to be better than they are. So you can make a difference for kids that you don’t ever teach.”


 “Good teachers know that sometimes you have to stop and just be silly for a few minutes.”


“Teachers shape and inspire so many lives through education every day. They help mold the minds of our children – the next generation and our future leaders. These wonderful teachers brighten and enrich the lives of our communities by preparing their students for success inside and outside the classroom. We are grateful for your passion and dedication to your profession.”

Which points caused you to pause and ponder, nod your head, and say to yourself,
“I think I will use these during the opening of school.”




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