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          The Just ASK November Mentoring Checklist

Each issue of The Mentoring Memo features a mentoring calendar for the current time of the year. The November calendar is now available. These calendars, excerpted and updated from The 21st Century Mentor’s Handbook, offer suggestions for mentoring actions to support novice teachers and teachers new to the district. When you take a look at them, you will quickly see how useful they are. Be sure to forward them to your mentoring colleagues. Post them or a link to them on your district/school website.

Download the November Calendar



Last month we featured our resources related to classroom procedures and partnering with parents. Depending on your school year calendar and the scheduling of parent conferences, you may want to revisit those tools dedicated to working with parents. You will find on pages 10-11 brief words of advice about best practices before, during, and after those conferences. You can retrieve it in the Just ASK online Mentoring Resources Collection.

If you are interested in deepening your own understanding of the power of parental partnership, our colleagues at Research for Better Teaching recommend an article on the FAST website: “The Importance of Parent Engagement: A List of Research and Thought Leadership.” Access this article at http://www.familiesandschools.org/blog/the-importance-of-parent-engagement.

Tools of the Month

This month our attention turns to making assessment a learning experience. We believe that all assessment should be INformative for both teachers and students. We also believe that while multiple-choice tests can be easily analyzed and graded, they are not terribly engaging for students and, if well done, quite difficult for teachers to construct. Both you and those you mentor will enjoy exploring the over twenty suggested formats for gathering assessment data while engaging students in active and rigorous learning.

Additionally, we are recommending two of Bruce Oliver’s many Just for the ASKing! newsletters on making assessment a learning  experience; these issues focus on the power of growth-producing feedback. (My personal favorite is “It’s a Feedback World”)

Access the Mentoring Tools of the Month by clicking on the graphics below.



Just ASK is excited to be a Platinum Sponsor of the California Induction Conference again this year. Julie and I will be in Palm Springs, California, for the conference December 2-4 and are looking forward to seeing our California friends and colleagues in that beautiful setting! More details to follow next month.

Enjoy the fall weather and try not eat too much candy corn,

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