Instruction for All Students


by Paula Rutherford
ISBN 978-0-9777796-8-0
344 pages
Publication Date 2012
Second Edition

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This text provides strategies and resources for actively engaging students and multiple approaches to lesson and unit design. It also includes information on technology integration, formative assessment, 21st century thinking skills that promote rigor and relevance, and formats for job-embedded learning. 

Instruction for All Students is based on an analysis of the research base on teaching and learning, and on the work of educators in schools around the world. The ideas presented here have been productive for educators in many situations, but there is absolutely no guarantee that all of the material and ideas will work for you. There is, however, a strong likelihood that we will all accomplish far more if we engage in our practice with:

  • A sense of self-efficacy
  • A focus on clearly articulated standards
  • An ever growing repertoire of skills for teaching and assessing diverse learners
  • A passion for engaging all students in the learning process
  • The use of data to make and assess instructional decisions
  • A mission to promote high standards and expectations for both students and educators
  • A commitment to collaborate with colleagues and parents

Tools and templates for this text are available online.

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