Instruction for All Students Common Core Special Edition


by Paula Rutherford
ISBN 978-0-9777796-8-0
298 pages
Publication Date 2015

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Item #11070


Our foundational text Instruction for All Students has been updated to reflect the Common Core initiative and to connect the research-based strategies in that text to the instructional shifts needed in order for the Common Core to make a difference in the learning of our students.

Instruction for All Students makes explicit connections between the research-based strategies in the book with the requirements of the Common Core, provides resources for actively engaging students and multiple approaches to lesson and unit design. 

What Is New?

  • An up-to-the-minute review of initiatives, including the Common Core State Standards, that are in the news and influencing our thinking
  • Clearly articulated purposes for each of the strategies for actively engaging students
  • A greater focus on the range of diversity in our classrooms and strategies for working with all students
  • Strategies for vocabulary development and supporting struggling readers
  • Multiple approaches to lesson and unit design with a focus on using the standards-based planning process
  • Cutting-edge information on technology integration
  • Thought-provoking information on formative assessment
  • An expanded focus on 21st century thinking skills that promote rigor and relevance
  • An array of formats for creating learning communities and opportunities for job-embedded learning and collegial collaboration

The Common Core Special Edition of Instruction for All Students includes a CD-ROM with copyright-free resources such as issues of Making the Common Core Come Alive!, teacher tools and templates, student tools and templates, and exemplar units.



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