Points to Ponder


by Bruce Oliver
ISBN 978-0-9986994-1-7
150 pages
Publication Date 2017

Item #11073



Many of the thought-provoking and inspirational messages, excerpted and adapted from Just for the ASKing!, are perfect for staff and community newsletters, district, school and classroom websites, and conversation starters in faculty meetings. Bruce Oliver’s messages provide  insight into why we are educators, reminders about how we must care for one another, and wisdom about addressing the responsibilities we have for teaching our students about the power of kindness, collaboration, and respectful behavior. Sample points discussed are:

  • The Exponential Power of Kindness
  • Celebrating What’s Right about Our Schools
  • Collective Wisdom
  • Different Perspectives
  • In the Minds and Hearts of Children
  • Lessons from Thoreau: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!
  • Smooth Sailing
  • There Is No Magic Bullet, But…
  • Tough Questions
  • We Hold These Truths
  • What Great Teachers Know and Do
  • Where Do You Stand?
  • You Can Quote Me on That!