Why Didn’t I Learn This in College?


by Paula Rutherford
ISBN 978-0-9986994-9-3
322 pages
Publication Date 2020

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The Third Edition of Why Didn’t I Learn This in College? is now available!

From the beginning, Why Didn’t I Learn This in College? has been designed to pull together in one place, in a user-friendly format, much of what many teacher candidates are introduced to in college. The title is not meant to suggest that most of the constructs are not “covered” in teacher preparation programs. The intent is to say truthfully that we did not always internalize all that was introduced, we completed different courses, or, perhaps, we took an alternative approach to entering the profession.

The first two editions are in the hands of hundreds of thousands of new teachers and their mentors. Veteran teachers also find the text useful as a reminder of strategies they used in the past and as a source of newer constructs and approaches to use with the ever-changing demographics of our students. This text is not meant to sit on a shelf but to be used as a resource on a weekly or daily basis. To that end, it is written in a teacher-friendly format, presented in an easy-on-the-eyes font size, and bound so that it lays open on desks. Dog-earred and flagged copies are open on teachers’ desks around the world.

How Is the Third Edition the Same as Earlier Editions?

  • Holds student learning as the central goal of our work
  • Addresses teachers as leaders of learning and change rather than managers of the status quo
  • Based on the premise that the best management program is a strong instructional program
  • Features K-12 practitioner examples on Through the Voice Of… pages
  • Includes practical applications of evidence-based practices
  • Dedicated to equitable, engaging, and empowering learning for our diverse learners

What Is New in the Third Edition?

  • Updates in every chapter
  • Chapter III is revised/updated and is now titled: Building in Rigor and Relevance
  • Chapter V is revised/updated and is now titled: Incorporating 21st Century Literacies (Textual, Visual, Digital, and More)
  • Brief snippets on 21st century educational hot topics
  • Full pages of totally reviewed and updated Resource Recommendations (print, digital, and visual) in Chapters II through X.
  • Multiple QR Codes that facilitate quick access to selected Just ASK online resources aligned with the focus questions addressed in this book
  • Links to an amazing array of up-to-date web resources embedded throughout each chapter.