Instruction for All Students PLC Pack



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The Instruction for All Students PLC Pack provides your PLC with content to improve student learning. There are 24 one-hour interactive and action-oriented learning experiences included.

Purchase the standard Instruction for All Students PLC Pack for $795 and save at least 20% off the list price when items are purchased separately. If you need different quantities, please contact Just ASK.

The collection of resources in this PLC pack provides over 20 hours of interactive learning experiences. The pack is just what you need to plan instruction-based faculty meetings and workshops focused on the planning, assessment, and rigor and relevance necessary to implement the Common Core. The standard pack includes 25 copies of Instruction for All Students, a copy of Strategies in Action: A Collection of Classroom Applications Volume I, a CD-ROM of visual tools to use as PowerPoint slides and posters, a CD-ROM with over 100 issues of Just for the ASKing!, and six sets of scavenger hunt and sort cards.

The Instruction for All Students PLC Pack includes:

Download the Instruction for All Students PLC Pack brochure.

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