Archdiocese of Los Angeles Teacher Induction Program (TIP)

Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century with Paula Rutherford
July 24th, July 25th, and November 14th, 2014


TIP20144Paula Rutherford, president of Just ASK and author of Why Didn’t I Learn This in College?, is returning to work with new teachers as they begin their careers with the Department of Catholic Schools. All participants will receive a copy of Paula’s best-selling book Why Didn’t I Learn This in College? and a Why Didn’t I Learn This in College? Participant’s Manual.

Teachers participating in these highly interactive TIP sessions will leave with

  • A plan for the first week of school
  • A comprehensive list of procedures and routines to put in place so that their classrooms are organized for learning
  • An expanded repertoire of active learning strategies they can use to help students access prior knowledge, process their learning, make personal connections, set purpose for reaching, and build vocabulary
  • Multiple ways to check for understanding and to gather and use formative assessment data
  • An array of options for scaffolding instruction for students lacking in background knowledge, second language learners, and students with other learning challenges
  • Strategies for creating a learning-centered environment that is welcoming, safe, non-threatening, yet appropriately challenging.TIP 2013 Pictures

Focus Questions

  • What is a learning-centered environment and what do I do to create such an environment?
  • How do I translate “beginning with the end in mind” into planning and pacing for the year, the unit, and the lesson?
  • What are systems, procedures, and routines for organizing my professional and instructional materials, the learners, and the classroom learning environment?

Workshop Dates, Location, and Time

  • Thursday, July 24th, Friday, July 25th, and Friday, November 14th, 2014 
  • St. Thomas the Apostle School, 2632 W. 15th Street, Los Angeles, California 90006  
  • 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Contact Laura-Pavlock-Albright at or 800-940-5434 for more information.