TL21st Century: 3rd Grade Science


Directed by Brenda Kaylor

ISBN 978-0-9777796-7-3
41 minutes
Production date 2009

Item #11047


This DVD includes an uninterrupted classroom episode, an in-depth interview with the teacher, and a second version of the lesson with extensive commentary and play-by-play analysis of the planning, teaching, and learning involved in this episode. The DVD focuses on Nicole Chase’s 3rd grade class at Orchard Avenue Elementary in Grand Junction, Colorado. The students are engaged in a science lesson on the solar system. There are 24 students who have a range of learning and social needs. Seven students are on individual learning plans, two have special education support, and three are in the gifted and talented program. One student currently lives with his family in a rescue shelter, and another just arrived in the United States and speaks no English.

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