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Teachers Teaching Teachers about the 21st Century Planning Process


We want you to know that we continue to work on pulling together Just ASK resources to support the work of teacher leaders. The very first resource we are recommending is Marcia Baldanza’s highly acclaimed  “Teachers as Leaders,” which is an issue of Professional Practices.  The quote below is from that issue.

Following that quote you will find other Just ASK resources we strongly recommend for your use.

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Teacher Leader Essentials

If you are a coach or mentor, want to be one, or are a school administrator working to develop teacher leaders, this set of books is just what you need!

You can have everyone speaking the same language in no time at all. Check it out.







Top Ten Tips for Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

Our Top Ten Tips for Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century is cross-referenced to the 2nd and 3rd editions of Why Didn’t I Learn This in College? and to Instruction for All Students, there is also a 30-slide PowerPoint Show to use in elaborating on those tips in either individual or group settings.










Access the Top Ten Tips and the Top Ten Tips PowerPoint Show by clicking on the graphics above. Select the version of the Top Ten Tips PDF that matches the book your district uses. 

To use these tools in a group setting, have the teachers bring their texts with them to the meeting, provide each attendee with a copy of the Top Ten Tips, and use the companion PowerPoint Show. Have them create visual representations, jigsaw the questions, create three-column charts, or any other active engagement strategy you want to model. You have in your hands an instant winner!

Tools and Templates for Teacher Leaders

Action Plan

Data Collection Tool: Use of Collaborative Norms

Data Flowchart

Data Review Questions

Establishing Norms

FHN with Data

Five Whys

Look Fors and Listen Fors

My Compass for Educational Leadership

Non-Negotiables for Creating a Culture for Learning

Observable Conditions for Learning

School Improvement Self-Study: Are We Planning With Purpose and Living Our Plan?

Standards-Based Education Learning Walk

Self-Assessment: Classroom Assessment

Self-Assessment: Classroom Data Use

Self-Assessment: Elevating Teacher Leadership

Self-Assessment: Formats for Professional Learning

Three-Column Chart

Top Ten Questions

Ways We Want Our Schools to Be: From Inside Collaborative Classroom

Yesterday and Today: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Yesterday and Today Moving to 21st Century Thinking Skills