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Instruction for All Students

This six-day workshop series is an in-depth study of instruction, assessment, and learning in a standards-based environment. The goals of the workshop series are for participants to become more skillful with the standards-based planning process and the shifts required by the Common Core State Standards and to build repertoires of ways to engage students in meaningful, active learning. Participants work collaboratively to develop, teach, and present for peer review a standards-based unit of study. They use their own content standards in the development of their units; for many, those standards are now based on the Common Core. Learn more.

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners®

This multi-day workshop series, based on the book Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners by Paula Rutherford, is designed to help teachers focus on ways to recognize, respect, and respond to differences in learners with practical and research-based approaches. It can be scheduled on sequential days as a summer institute or in an ongoing format throughout the school year. The laer format provides participants the opportunity to return to their worksites between sessions and conduct action research implementing what they learned through the insightful presentations and collegial collaboration embedded in the workshop series. Learn more.

Why Didn’t I Learn This in College?®

This multi-day workshop series is designed for educators with 0-3 years of experience. The title is in no way meant to condemn those who direct our collegiate experiences. The realities are that we may well have studied these topics and earned a good grade on a test over the theoretical aspects of this information but had no hooks on which to hang the information, that we took an alternative approach to entering the profession, that our focus was elsewhere at the time, or perhaps, it was not taught. Whatever the case may be, teachers new to the classroom clearly need support and the opportunity for collegial discussions during their first years of classroom work. This workshop series has been the ticket to success in many districts! Learn more.

Closing the Engagement Gap

This workshop series provides participants an opportunity to engage in experiential learning and professional dialogue about strategies that so engage students that they may even forget that they are learning. Based on the book, Active Learning and Engagement Strategies, this workshop helps teachers build capacity to move students toward mastery of the Common Core State Standards and to demonstrate their own skillfulness with the teacher performance criteria that focus on student engagement. Learn more.

Making the Standards Come Alive

Just ASK workshops have always modeled standards-based planning around essential questions and been customized to incorporate local initiatives, so it is not a giant step for us to move forward with the Common Core. Our foundational text Instruction for All Students has been updated to reflect this initiative and to connect the research-based strategies in that text to the instructional shifts needed in order for the Common Core to make a difference in the learning of our students. In this customized workshop series, Just ASK can help your district make the adjustments to current practice required by the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Learn more.

Keynotes, Conference Sessions, and One-Day Seminars

  • Making Assessment a Learning Experience
  • Top Ten Tips for Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
  • Trending Topics Impacting Our Practice
  • Closing the Engagement Gap
  • Making the Common Core Come Alive!
  • Using Technology as an Instructional Tool
  • Integrating the Four Cs of the 21st Century Skills into Daily Practice