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Supervision and Evaluation
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Leading the Learning® Workshop Series

This six-day workshop series is designed to support instructional leaders as they strive to create the conditions in which the supervision and evaluation process can be directly linked to teacher professional growth and student learning. This series provides the ideal learning opportunity for administrators implementing new and more rigorous teacher evaluation systems. Participants not only build their own knowledge base and skillfulness at recognizing best practice in teaching and learning, they move beyond a singular focus on accountability and develop expertise in implementing evaluation systems in ways that provide growth-producing feedback and promote collegiality. Learn more.

Workshops, Keynotes, Conference Sessions,
One-Day Seminars, and Facilitation

  • Top Ten Tips for Leading the Learning
  • Growth-Producing Feedback (Coaching, Collaborating, and Consulting)
  • The Cultural Context
  • Difficult Conferences and Conversations
  • What to Look for in Classrooms
  • Supervising the Implementation of the Common Core
  • Teacher Performance Standards in Action
  • Data-Driven Discussions and Decisions
  • Walk-throughs and Coaching Sessions
  • Revision of Supervision and Evaluation Systems