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You Gotta See This!

Bruce Oliver

Bruce facilitating a Leading the Learning® workshop


Past issues of Just for the ASKing! have relied primarily on the written word to share information, present different ideas about educational processes, or share practitioner’s experiences. In this issue, we take a different route. The Internet is replete with videos that address educational issues. In fact, the sheer number can be overwhelming. To facilitate your selection of clips to view, we are providing links to several videos that we think are particularly relevant and trending. Some provide glimpses into classrooms where we see teachers and students in action while others provide up-to-date information about topics that are influencing our practice.

One way to view these clips is to watch them with a group of colleagues and use them to stimulate discussions that provide opportunities for individuals and groups to determine how best to use the information that is provided to positively impact teaching and learning in your school. Happy viewing!

Teaching in the 21st Century
This amazing nine-minute clip tackles a series of important issues in a stimulating and easy-to-follow manner that addresses the following questions:

  • What does it mean to teach in the 21st century?
  • Considering all the changes that are occurring in our fast-paced world, what is our role in the lives of our students?
  • Do we have to change our pedagogical approach in order to provide the best education for our students?

Project-Based Learning Explained
Project–Based Learning (PBL) is a topic that is garnering increased attention among 21st century educators. In this four-minute video, the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) makes the case for the PBL approach in plain words with illustrations that will help those new to the model understand why it is worth the investment of time and energy to involve students in this stimulating, real-world approach to learning.

The Four C’s: Making 21st Century Education Happen
This clip, introduced by Ken Kay, CEO, EdLeader21, tells the story of three school districts that have made a deep, long-term commitment to the development of the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity in their schools. The eight-minute video explains the approach that each district has taken to make the commitment happen.

An Introduction to Technology Integration
The Common Core State Standards call for students to develop digital media and technology skills. This five-minute clip presents ways to integrate technology into lessons so that students use technology creatively to take ownership of their learning.

Visible Learning
In this two-part series, Australian education professor John Hattie compares the effect on learning and achievement of over 100 different classroom interventions. In part two, Hattie focuses on the most successful methods to promote learning. Each video is approximately 14 minutes in length.

Deeper Learning: A Series Overview
The Teaching Channel offers a series of over 50 clips that focus on the Hewlett Foundation’s Deeper Learning Network Project; the work in these schools provides insights that can help teachers address the Common Core State Standards. The Deeper Learning Competences are:

  • Master core academic content
  • Think critically and solve complex problems
  • Work collaboratively
  • Communicate effectively
  • Learn how to learn
  • Develop academic mindsets

This overview is introduced by Tony Wagner from Harvard University’s New Innovation Lab. The clips average around five minutes per episode.

Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education
In this TED talk, Salman Khan explains how and why he created the Khan Academy which includes a series of over 2,000 educational videos that provide tutorials for students around the world. The videos, in the words on the Khan Academy website itself, are produced to make a world-class education available “For Free. For Everyone. Forever.” Khan suggests how the clips he has created can be used in flipped classrooms.

Teaching Channel Favorites
These three brief Teaching Channel videos represent examples of teaching clips that are readily available to K-12 educators on the Internet. The first shows a teacher demonstrating the 1-3-6 collaborative group work strategy; the second visits a high school class where a pair of teachers show how to capture and maintain student attention; the third focuses on the building of literacy skills with very young learners. Each is, simply put, an example of good teaching.

21st Century Learning
As educators strive to move from a traditional approach to teaching and learning to methodology more fitting with 21st century skills, it is helpful to see how Alexandria City Public Schools, Virginia, has made the transition. In this seven-minute segment, both educators and students share how their district has tackled that challenge.

Assessment for Learning
In this nine-minute video, educators and researchers Dylan William and Marnie Thompson take an animated look at five key strategies that can be used to gather formative assessment data.

As educators, it is important for each of us to be aware of current trends in our field. Taking the time to view videos on the web can provide both information and inspiration to try some new approaches and apply new ways of thinking. Whether it is done in a full faculty meeting, a team or grade level setting, or simply an inquisitive individual taking the time to check out something new, video viewing can help each of us achieve the professional goal of being a lifelong learner.

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