California Standards for the Teaching Profession
Cross-Referenced to Why Didn't I Learn That in College?

CSTP_WhyDidntILearnThisinCollegeThis document cross-references the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) and Why Didn’t I Learn This in College? by Paula Rutherford. It is a valuable resource for school-based administrators in their roles as instructional leaders, professional developers, supervisors, and evaluators. BTSA Support Providers and mentors can use this tool to provide guidance and feedback to the novice teachers they are mentoring.

To use this tool, identify the standard on which you wish to focus and then identify the specific key element(s) you want to address. When you turn to the page listing the selected standard and key element you will find references to pages in Why Didn’t I Learn This in College? that provide strategies, examples, and resources related to that key element.


You can use this information to:

  • Develop professional growth plans
  • Identify areas of study for individual or groups study
  • Provide suggestions following walk-throughs or formal observations
  • Build your own background knowledge and skillfulness
  • Ensure cognitive connections between the text and the CSTP



WHYOver 500,000 copies of this book are in the hands of new teachers and their mentors worldwide. Even veteran teachers say that they find the ideas and strategies here invaluable. It is based on the construct that the best classroom management program is a good instructional program.

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