Why Didn't I Learn This in College?® Workshop Reviews

This course has helped me out a lot as a new teacher. There were so many concrete strategies presented in dealing with problems, issues and daily routines. I found that everything was very digestible and quite easy to put to practice. Ideas were broken down simply and their application demonstrated. I have used many of these strategies in my classroom and have noticed that things run smoother. I am very grateful to have had this class.
8th Grade Science Teacher
Nock Middle School
Newburyport Public School District, Massachusetts

Excellent workshop! Well worth the time, effort, and money OPS used! Tons of new information! I hope you realize what a phenomenal experience this was! I loved getting the practical information in a group setting with you modeling many different teaching strategies along the way! The book’s easy-to-use (and read) format was extremely beneficial because of its headings, bullets, and practical advice!
Elementary Teacher
Omaha Public Schools, Nebraska

I am a teacher of children who are moderately cognitively impaired. My group of students has a range of disabilities and learning levels. It has been tough for me to administer lessons in a fun, innovative way that reaches all of my students. Throughout the course of the last two or three months, I have learned a wide variety of strategies that I am able to apply in my classroom that gets all of my students excited about learning. I feel much more confident in my classroom. I am able to challenge my students and motivate them to contribute steady effort to the lesson. I would not have made it through the year without these incredible tips and tools. This has made me a much more productive teacher and I am thankful for everything I have learned.
Elementary Special Education Teacher
Independent Hill School
Prince William County Schools, Virginia