Marcia Baldanza

Each EmpowerED 3.2.1 features 3 Big Ideas, 2 Quotes, and 1 Question with lots of links to resources from different perspectives such as business and industry, medicine, athletics, economics, recreation, and parenting as well as music and the arts. The goal of these brief commentaries is to advance our thinking about how that wide array of information connects with and supports our work as educational leaders. We don’t think you can find a short read like this anywhere else.

Marcia Baldanza is also the author of Professional Practices, a Just ASK Senior Consultant. and adjunct professor at Virginia Tech. She examines research from multiple fields to help school district leaders improve, enhance, and increase staff and student performance. She uses her more than 25 years of experience as a teacher, turnaround principal, director of state and federal programs, director of school reform and accountability, supervisor of principals, and mom to offer practical strategies and insightful reflections from the field to help answer the powerful and essential questions embedded in Just ASK publications and consulting services.


Current Issue –

Accelerate Rather Than Remediate
in Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Settings

The October 26th issue is now available. Marcia writes, “Education Week reported recently that 75% of districts are virtual or part virtual. Emma Dean of McKinsey & Company in Covid-19 and Dtudent Learning in the United States: The Impact Could Last a Lifetime” reports stark and unequal impacts predicting that a January 2021 mass re-opening of in-person school would mean 10.3 months of lost learning for Black students, 12.4 months lost for economically disadvantaged students, and an average of 6.8 months lost for all students. I doubt that we’re going to experience anything close to a mass re-opening in January 2021 and instead think we might be in a cycle of remote, hybrid, in-person throughout the 2020-2021 school year. The long-term academic impact of COVID-19 is expected to last 3-5 years post pandemic. Support now for our students is critical. We can and must stem the losses now and accelerate quickly. The contents of this EmpowerED 3.2.1 are a synthesis of current research, a Learning Sciences International webinar titled Achievement Gaps and the Lost COVID-19 Generation, and my own and other practitioners’ experiences.” Read on.


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