Library of Professional Practices

The Professional Practices for the 21st  Century Leader library houses forty issues of this newsletter in which Dr. Marcia Baldanza examines research from multiple fields to help school district leaders improve, enhance, and increase staff and student performance. She uses her more than 25 years of experience as a teacher, turnaround principal, director of state and federal programs, director of school reform and accountability, supervisor of principals, and mom to offer practical strategies and insightful reflections from the field to help answer the powerful and essential questions embedded in Just ASK publications and consulting services as listed here:

  • What do districts, schools, and classrooms look like when
  • they are organized around a commitment to high levels of learning and the well being of all students?
  • all the adults are committed to the success of all other adults?
  • they are results oriented?
  • What is my role in creating, implementing, and maintaining such districts, schools, and classrooms?

Marcia’s commentaries feature the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) which were published in 2015 and are now used by many states as the basis of their leadership performance standards and by many universities in their educational leadership programs. The copyright-free resource section of the Instructional Leadership Area of Focus includes PSEL self-assessments and insightful comparisons about past and present priorities of educational leaders.