Common Core Combo


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The most recent printing of Instruction for All Students features Heather Clayton’s Common Core Mind Shifts introduced in our new e-newsletter Making the Common Core Come Alive! and explicitly links research-based strategies to the higher learning standards and thinking skills required by the Common Core.

We are offering this newly updated book paired with Creating a Culture for Learning: Your Guide to PLCs and More, our essential text for the collaborative learning teachers need to implement the Common Core, for $60.00. That is more than 25% off the published retail cost of the two books ($79.90).

Instruction for All Students Common Core Special Edition
ISBN 978-0-9777796-8-0
298 pages
Publication Date 2014

Creating a Culture for Learning: Your Guide to PLCs and More
ISBN 978-0-9830756-0-8
323 pages
Publication Date 2011

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