Leading the Learning®

A Six-Day Workshop Series for School Leaders

This workshop series is designed to support instructional leaders as they strive to create the conditions in which the supervision and evaluation process can be directly linked to both teacher professional growth and increased student achievement. This series is philosophically aligned with the ISLIC Standards for Educational Leaders.LTL workshops
Just ASK works with districts as they implement supervision and evaluation processes using whatever teacher performance criteria and rubrics they have selected or developed. When districts are interested in developing or refining their teacher performance criteria, Just ASK uses its decades of experience in the development of supervision and evaluation systems and build on the purposes of the process identified by the district to support that change.


To empower educational leaders to engage in their practice with:

  • The belief that they can make a difference in teacher practice and student learning through the supervision and evaluation process… the belief that it is worth the effort!
  • A clear focus on teaching and learning in the classroom… working to ensure that units and lessons are not only are well designed, but are also the right lessons and units for these students at this time
  • An ever expanding repertoire of skills for supervising and evaluating staff in ways that promote professional growth and student learning
  • Clearly articulated and communicated high expectations for educators and students
  • A commitment to engage in, model, and promote collaborative practice

Essential Questions

  • What do schools and classrooms look like when they are organized around a commitment to the achievement of high standards by all students?
  • What is my role in creating, implementing, and maintaining such a school?
  • What is the role of the supervision and evaluation process in promoting teacher growth and student learning?

Areas of Focus

  • The Cultural Contexts
  • Leading Change
  • The ASK Construct
  • Job-Embedded Learning
  • Teacher Performance Standards in Action
  • Best Practice in a Standard-based Classrooms
  • Multiple Methods of Data Collection
  • Growth-Producing Feedback
  • Data-Driven Discussions and Decisions
  • Walk-throughs and Coaching Sessions