Instruction for All Students Reviews


I have purchased four of Paula’s books. They are excellent tools. I used Leading the Learning and The 21st Century Mentor’s Handbook as a mentor teacher. Several of the strategies and activities from Why Didn’t I Learn This in College? I have used with new teachers and Instruction for All Students was taken from me by a teacher the moment she flipped through the pages. The material is easy to read, nicely organized and easy to understand. It is clear and every strategy and piece of advice is useful. They are the greatest resources one can use.

Gina E. E. Davis
Director of Instruction and Staff Development
Cedar Bridge Academy, Bermuda

I would like you to know that as a college instructor preparing teachers for teaching, Instruction for All Students is the methods book I wish I had written myself. It is a concise, hands-on guide to the best practices for classroom teaching. Thank you for your time and for publishing this incredible resource for teachers and for those who teach teachers.

Tom Sferes, Ed.D.
Instructor in Education
Education Department
University of New England

Paula Rutherford has done it! A masterpiece of teaching and learning! Instruction for All Students should inspire all teachers to become well diverse with strategies, techniques and resources that will definitely increase student achievement. The book is an excellent guide to lesson planning, planning for assessment, active class activities, thinking skills, etc. Furthermore, in today’s educational society where collaborating with others is an essential resource for increasing student achievement, Paula has outlined excellent ideas that surely build purpose-driven teams of educators. In addition, the book is well organized and provides details that will empower all teachers to grow and mature in their educational quest to help students succeed.

Tracy Brown
7th Grade Math Teacher
Orangeburg, South Carolina